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Kids Parties
Kreeayt is an all-ages art studio offering art parties for ages 3-adult. 

Party time slots are usually 10-noon, 1pm- 3pm, 4pm- 6pm or 7-9pm

When booking your party at Kreeayt your non-refundable deposit will carry over the day of the event to cover the party fee. An additional balance will be due the day of the event for any additional participants beyond the amount included in your party package.  

We will need you to let us know your final headcount (including any adult painters) as well as your painting selection at least 72 hours prior to your event. 

When choosing your painting we have over 100 paintings to choose from.  If you're looking for something that you don't see we can create a custom painting, but unfortunately we are not able to use a design found through a Google search, on Pinterest, or Etsy. In most cases designs, paintings, etc are protected by copyright and the rights belong to that artist or studio that originally created it. We will, however, create a custom design if you are wanting to create or paint something that you do not see in our selections. (ie a character or animal not already available).  Due to time restraints of staff, we are only able to create 1 free design per event AND need at least 5 days' notice to create a custom design.

The flow of an event:

  • You can arrive up to 30 min. prior to the event for setup and decorations

  • 5-10 minutes past the scheduled party time our instructor will guide children to seats to begin instruction.

  • About halfway through the party the instructor will offer the break for refreshments. (This only takes 10 or 15 min.) Most of our paintings take at least an hour and 30 minutes to complete.  This allows for time for a brief break for cake or cupcakes.   

  • Ask your guests Guests to arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled party time.  It is necessary for participants to attend the entire event and arrive on time.  It is difficult for the ---instructor to pause the class and catch up someone that arrives late.  

  • If time allows and the parents or hosts choose to do gifts at the studio they can be opened at the end of the party while parents are arriving to ensure that the paintings have all been completed.
  • Our studio does not really have a parent observation area.  We encourage party hosts to inform other participating parents that art parties are a drop off event.  
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