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Enchanted Forest: A “MidSummer” Art & Theatre Camp -


July 8-12 

Ages 7-13


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July 8th-12th (9am-noon)

Pack your lunch and some snacks and join us as we step into the enchanting realm of creativity with "Enchanted Forest: A MidSummer Art and Theater Camp"! 🌟

Come a long for a magical journey through the woods, where imagination knows no bounds! This collaborative camp between Storybook Theater and Kreeayt Art Studio invites young adventurers aged 7-13 to explore the mystical wonders of art and theater in the heart of a vibrant forest setting.

In the morning, unleash your artistic talents as we dive into a world of whimsy with enchanting forest-themed art projects. But the adventure doesn't end there! As the sun climbs high in the sky, prepare to tread the boards of the theater stage. With a Shakespearean twist, we'll journey through the pages of classic tales, learning the art of performance and storytelling along the way. Whether you're a budding actor or a backstage wizard, there's something for everyone in our immersive afternoon theater sessions.

With a blend of laughter, learning, and a sprinkle of fairy dust, "Enchanted Forest" is more than just a camp—it's a magical odyssey where imaginations soar and creativity knows no bounds. So pack your sense of wonder and join us for a summer of adventure, artistry, and endless enchantment! 🎭🌟

This camp will take place at Storybook Theater

14300 E US Hwy 40 Suite G, Kansas City, MO 64136

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